About entities

Removing entities from people for from places used to be called exorcism, a fairly pejorative term, as it implied entities were agents of evil. However entities, or ghosts or spirits, these human souls who have left their mortal coil but remain trapped in the “floating world,” unable to return to source, are not evil, any more than any human can be truly evil. They are often consumed by negative emotions, and will amplify the negative emotions of their hosts, but they all are, in the end, human, and long to return to unity, oneness, god.

Entities can be attached to places, or to people. Those attached to places can be sensed by a negative, cold, dark, heavy feeling when you move into the affected place. Sometimes they can be seen as apparition, but that depends on the sensitivity of the viewer. For all my work in clearing entities, I’ve never seen one.

Entities attached to people can be sensed by the host, or by those around them. As a host you can feel cold, dark, heavy and oppressed. Sometimes the entity can be felt physically, as a head, neck, or shoulder ache. You can feel like you’re not yourself, or that the emotions you are feeling are not your own. Those around you may also sense you are not yourself, overly angry or aggressive for example.

How I work

All entities are trapped, but long to return to source. Clearing entities is essentially making contact by stepping into an entity’s awareness, and showing it its path to source. During this process I sometimes sense the entity’s story, but sometimes it is only a feeling. When they release their emotional burden and return to source, I feel their joy. The effect of the release is usually felt immediately by the host, or those near the affected place.

Entity consultations

I have no set fee structure for entity consultations, as the format can vary. Remote clearing is possible, however sometimes a face-to-face meeting, or a visit to the site, can be helpful. I sometimes work with my wife, Chieko, as she is more sensitive to entities than I am. Generally we charge according to the amount of time we spend, including any travel required. Hourly rates are £60 when I work alone, or £100 for joint work.

If you would like a consultation, please email or call in the first instance, to discuss your situation and what assistance you require.